Why Choose Christie?


When considering hiring a lawyer, many considerations come into play, including the lawyer’s skill and training, the cost and fee structure, and their fit for your needs. Christie offers the best of all these considerations.

After obtaining a top education, for almost a decade Christie was trained through her work in multi-state and international law firms. The training provided Christie with the ability to represent clients at the highest quality. However, because of the high cost of large firms, those firms are best suited for disputes and transactions between the largest corporations, not for small business and individuals. When Christie began her practice in 1998, her goal was to bring that same high quality representation to small business and individuals at a price benefiting both the client and the lawyer. And that she did.By keeping her practice lean, Christie developed even more and greater skills keyed to the effective representation of small businesses and individuals, providing cost effective legal services in the right amount and manner to accomplish the client’s goals. Christie begins every matter, be it litigation or transaction, with the eye on the ultimate goal, working with her client, within her client’s needs and budget, to accomplish that goal.

Christie prides herself in taking care of her clients’ needs first, not in practicing law for the ultimate bill. Christie’s broad experience in both litigation and transaction work also means that she can handle most client needs herself. She learns her clients’ needs and businesses and works with her clients to further those needs and goals, offering creative and beneficial solutions to every-day problems and concerns as wells as representation of large-scale problems.

Christie truly is a one-stop general lawyer, bringing the highest quality service, tailored to her client’s needs, at an affordable price.